Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another dazzling Zin

Over the weekend my wife and I went to Louisville to attend the Humana Festival of new American plays. We always have some down time and of course we tend to enjoy wine and cheese during these brief periods. We took down a bottle of Vineyard 29 Aida Zin. I had been looking forward to trying this bottle since I purchased it late last year. This was a big Zin, rich and sophisticated, while not jammy, there is still a lot red raspberry and even a little strawberry. This is a wine that does not need food, but will handle anything thrown its way. With a whopping 15.8 % alcohol level one would expect an extremely hot wine. While I do not like these high alcohol beasts, I can at least accept them when there is good balance. Yes it is expensive ($92), but if you want to experience a really sophisticated Zin give it a try.

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