Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Something new/ something old

The other night I was in the mood to try one of the premium wines from our cellar. I selected a bottle of Origin Napa 2002 Paramount red wine. This a venture with Bill Davies (Schramsberg) and Tom Gamble (entrepreneur) that was started in 2000. Producing Cabernet Sauvignon blends and Sauvignon Blanc. The two men have a life long relationship dating back to when where in nursery school. That nis the old, a life in wine for the two principals.
Now the new, Origin Napa, this is a rich full Bordeaux blend that is full of blackberry and bramble. There are nice hints of smoke and leather just under the surface of this fine wine. This is a handcrafted wine that can be enjoyed with or without food, but would complement a nice Fillet with port reduction or a grilled Portabello mushroom perfectly. Although this is not an inexpensive wine at $65 a bottle, it is a great bottle for when you want to treat yourself. It may be expensive, but it is a great value for the money. There are many wines out there with bigger names and price tags, but not more complexity and finish. This is a great wine for special occasions and will intrigue most seasoned wine drinkers with its pedigree.

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