Sunday, October 5, 2008

Keeping the International Wine Festival Honest

Last night Jan & I attended the inaugural Jungle Jim's International Wine Festival. We had been told that there would be fantastic wines available for tasting. We opted for the VIP tickets, which got us a special rooms with gourmet foods and two special tastings, one champagnes/sparkling wines and the other Bordeaux. We also got in 15 minutes early. I would have to say that, for us, it was not worth the additional $45 to $50 dollars. The food was good and the VIP wines were good, but not worth the extra money. The main tasting was a very good deal for the $50 to $55. My only complaint was that there was not enough food available in the main tasting area. I would have a nice dinner beforehand next time and just concentrate on sampling. The wines were very good and in general much better than those at Cincinnati International Wine Festival. All in all for a first time event I was very impressed and I think that with a little tweaking it could be a great wine tasting. It will most certainly cause the Cincinnati Wine Festival to improve itself or they will eventually be eclipsed by the Jungle Jim event. Bravo!!

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