Thursday, June 19, 2008

Big Wine Small Price

Last night we had dinner at a friends house and they shared a Barbera from their favorite winery. The winery is a small winery in Amador county called Macchia. These wines do not make it out of California except through their wine club. They are priced from the mid teens to the upper twenties. They specialize in Italian varietals, but also produce a nice Zinfandel. But back to last night. The Barbera we had was their "Infamous" Amador county Cooper Ranch 2006. This wine had loads of fruit black raspberry and rich plum. It sang in the glass and complemented the steaks wonderfully. This is a great wine at a great price. Macchia will ship to Ohio and they have several wine clubs, even with shipping they are still great wines for the money. The web site is


helen said...

I am a great lover of Zinfandel. I tend to buy most of my wine online from sites like thedrinkshop because i work long hours so it is convenient for me. Do you recommend any good sites for more specialist Zinfandels available in the UK?

shooting star said...

I am not familiar with UK resources, however I imagine that a number of the United States east and west coast retailers would ship to the UK and price with shipping might not be extravagant if you cannot get the wine in UK. Let me know if you want some USA retailer names