Friday, June 1, 2012

New Hours, New Perspective

This week we started new hours, open til 7:00 Tuesday through Thursday. It's just one more hour three days a week. however we are hoping it will jump start our sluggish weekday business. Well the first week has been a good one. We have had multiple sales each day! The question is was this just coincidence or were the new hours in some way responsible. Only one of the sales was actually during the extended hours. I was at least able to stay busy and keep from getting bored. Next week will give a better indication if the new hours are making a difference, but certainly it will take more than a couple of weeks to prove the value.

Next week, Jan & I will be taking a road trip to Cleveland to attend a showcase of Rudi Weist German wines. This should be a great opportunity to learn more about German wine, as there will be ten producers there and they will be able to answer questions about their wines. Look for more on this adventure the end of next week.

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