Friday, December 19, 2008

An inexpensive old vines Zin

First the link to my article in Natural Awakenings does not work. My apologies, my technical abilities leave something to be desired. Just go to, click on web site, click on read this months edition. My article is on page 19. Thanks for your patience. Back to good wine. Last night my wife and I went to Indigo in Hyde Park Square for dinner. We wanted wine, but did not want to spend a fortune. The wine list ranged from $30 to the upper 50s. I saw a producer that I was familiar with, Mandolin. We h ad tried their Pinot Noir and enjoyed it, so we decided to try the old vines Zin. This is a lighter style Zin, but it still packs a punch with loads of strawberry and black raspberry. There are hints of pencil lead and cedar. This is a wine that will stand up to wide range of foods. It should retail for less than $15. If you are looking for a robust yet restrained Zin, with a good finish give it a try.

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