Thursday, November 27, 2008

wine with a sense of humor

I recently tried a bottle of CrauforD Tattoo Cabernet Sauvignon Maroon vineyard 2004. Boy was this a great bottle of wine after it got a little air. It had big black fruit, plum and boysenberry. It was a real mouthful that did not know when to quit, but this was a good thing! I purchased a case of this wine from wine express last month. It ran around $30 a bottle delivered. Their tag line is "What's under your Kilt?" It is dedicated to seven centuries of Clan Crauford ancestors and they have definitely not caused any embarrassment with this fine wine, which would complement a nice roast beef at the Christmas table as easily as it would fit with a cigar and a raging fire after dinner. It may no longer be available, but if you see it down the road, give it a try and see for yourself just how nice it is. Happy Thanksgiving all.

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