Thursday, August 14, 2008

where is the beef

Last night my wife and I had dinner at my brother and his wife's house and they served a traditional Pot Roast with carrots, potatoes and onions and brown gravy. It was great! I brought a bottle of St Francis McCoy vineyard Sonoma Malbec 2002. I figured that even though this was a cCalifornia Malbec, that if the Argentines found Malbec to be good with beef then I would try it. The wine was great on its own before we sat down at the dinner table, but it really paired well with the roast. There was rich black and red raspberry notes to the wine. The finish was strong and lasting. This was not super expensive ($26), but can only be had through the winery. There are many good Malbecs from Argentina available locally that range from $5 to $20 and up. Try one this fall with a hearty stew or roast.

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